There aren’t numerous things in our planet that could give a similar adrenaline rush, as the thrilling experience of kitesurfing. Utilizing the wind’s power in order to glide on the water surface, and be raised high to the sky, is nothing like any other activity available.

This could only come true of course, if you could have the right kitesurfing spot. Are you thinking of what are the top locations to learn kitesurf? Well, each and every kiteboarding spot has a bit different conditions, although it’s true, that certain areas might look better for newbies compared to others, the reality is that nearly all spot provides newbies the opportunity to practice, and enhance their skills.

Don’t forget that to become a completely independent rider; you’ll need to learn how to Kitesurf in many different areas, not only at one spot.

Meanwhile, however, we’ve made this guide, to inform you the very best kitesurfing spots on earth and how to learn this extreme sport!