Resting at the start of the stunning Costa de la Luz, broadly recognized to be Spain’s least spoilt and developed shoreline, you have heard of it as among kitesurfing’s original meccas, however Tarifa is creating a strong reputation being the ‘Adventure Capital of Europe’ with more than forty activities to try. Additionally there’s fantastic food, wine, warm and friendly locals as well as a beautiful family atmosphere! It is the busiest kitesurfing spot on earth. Fortunately the massive shorelines could manage the thousands of kiters which come down on Tarifa every season and you could expect wind and sun for 300 days per year. All of this is simply an affordable, fast flight from any place in Europe.

Windy Season:

Around Tarifa, you could expect about 300 days of wind each year, having the wind blowing night and day. What’s most significant about this kite place is you would seldom observe two or three days consecutively without having conditions which work for kiteboarding. It’s among the several places in which if you’ve prepared a week-long trip, you’re certain to get some good time in the water.

The perfect time to arrive and kite is in between spring and fall. The summer time is warm and it has more thermal winds, however it is extremely busy – you’ll observe over 1,000 kites up in the air for a few days! Lots of the kite beaches are likewise closed during the summer season, so you just have a couple of stretches of beach to kite and they get much more loaded. Winter is significantly less busy however could get rainy and cold. Winter kiting in Tarifa is the best for riders that are extremely skilled because there are few resources offered to kiters in this season. If you’d like to avoid the summer madness and winter chill, reserve your holiday around fall or spring.

Any time in between spring and fall, you could expect wind of 20-25 knots most of the days with a lot more on several instances. Tarifa’s winds are classified as the Levante (from the east) and the Poniente (from the west). Levante winds are most popular in the summertime and they rip. Poniente winds tend to be calmer and less gusty however still blow about 20+ knots. You could ride in usually Poniente winds during the winter. Spring and fall is actually a great medium on all fronts!

Wind in Tarifa is very gusty for the most part, however it is a spot to go if you wish to be certain to obtain a few sessions in. There’s not very much that’s more disappointing than having a kite trip and don’t get the wind.

Weather / Temperature:

You’ll encounter a variety of weather in Tarifa all year long. Months to stay away from are November to February, that is when you’ll expect a lot more rainy days and weather which is similar to freezing winter conditions. Spain also get snow up in the mountains during winter!

Summer days around Tarifa are warm such as your regular European beach holiday, however the moment that wind begins ripping or the sun sets, temperatures can actually cool, thus carry with you a jacket!

Water temperature normally requires a 3/2 wetsuit for the majority of the entire year. Even just in the cold months of winter, the temperature of the water stays on fairly constant. During hot summer times, you can break free having a shorty when you are a skilled rider which won’t be needing to spend a lot of time dipping around the cooler water.