An ideal kiteboarding spot could be difficult to find and the sport grows significantly. The amount of ‘must see’ spots throughout the world increases as well as the sport is starting to become ever more accessible and global. Among the new top place to go for kiteboarding is the major travel and leisure center of Sinai Peninsula. Nabq bay is just one of such must see spots for first time and professional kiteboarders alike.

Nabq Bay, a marine national park and the place to find a 5 kilometers square natural lagoon is beautifully located in the center of the Sinai Peninsula and also the resort is just ten minutes coming from the Sharm El-Sheikh, an international airport. The city center is easily accessible and also the well-known Naama Bay could be traveled to in around twenty minutes. The sandy beach of Nabq Bay having turquiose blue water, sunshine and continuous winds makes it the best spot for kite surfers all year long. In addition, you will discover the gorgeous and wealthy coral reefs which are excellent for diving lessons and snorkelling and also Sharm El Sheikh as a whole is widely recognized for its picturesque diversity with crimson mountain tops and spectacular desert landscapes.

This particular protected area is definitely perfect for almost all levels of kite surfing. For newbies you can find best conditions to begin safely and learn fast, along with constant winds and low, flat water. For much more skilled kiters as well as the lagoon for freestyle and clocking up your water time, you’ll discover close by waves offering an excellent kite surf experience for the more skilled surfer.

Napq is situated in the southeastern coastline of the Sinai Peninsula in between the backpacker getaway of Dahab as well as the glitzy getaway center of Sharm-el-Sheikh, such desert beach resorts are for kite surfers coming from all over the world who wish to kitesurf just like the Egyptians in unwavering wind gusts along the Gulf of Aqaba.

The spot of the Tiran Island, simply in the front of the Bay, has formed very ideal conditions for riding on the waves. Within the shoreline and the Tiran Island, there were created 2 lagoons having 0.80m/2.62ft depth and sandy bottom.

The location provides a riding area protected by the reef, that produces fairly shallow and flat water, and also steady winds on the majority of days during morning hours along with excellent consistency. The reef does mean that the riding region is minimally impacted by tides, providing you with hours of continuous play time. Take pleasure in freeride or learn safely on this spot.

The lagoons length goes over a range of 3km/1.86mi long, therefore making a natural play ground for the kite surfers. The region is split into 2 zones, one for newbies and one for experienced kiters. Even though kite-surfing has been done in the region since 1992, the sport’s practice has been evolved quickly as anybody can find there great accommodation services, schools as well as facilities.

Having year long temperature ranges of 20 – 35+ degrees you will simply require a short wetsuit or board shorts. It’s those conditions mixed with the constant katabatic winds that attract beginner to expert riders every single year. The standard wind speed all year round is 25mph and you could practically set your watch by it.

Nabq bay is the recently developed portion of Sharm El Sheikh and is based on the North, that is not far from the airport. There are 2 major spots; Al Khan and La Strada having restaurants, stores, bars and many others. The promenade extends across the entire lagoon for around 4 kilometers. It is perfect for discovering by foot or you could rent electric bikes and bicycles.