Cape Town is the greatest kitesurfing spot with over thirty amazing spots situated in and around the metropolis. Having amazing blowing wind in between November and March which dependably produces in between 20 and 30 knots, and warm sunny weather over these South African summer season, it’s the ideal location to get a year end holiday. The spot hosts a number of areas to fit all levels of skill, here are some of these kitesurfing spots:


Kite surfers travel coming from everywhere around the world in order to catch the energy of the Cape’s southerly winds, and Blouberg beach is among the finest spots in the entire Western Cape to make it happen. The wind pumps nearly parallel to the shoreline, this means you are riding your board straight into the waves, making a perfect natural ramp. While you strike the crest of the swell, you swing your kite straight way up and move hard on the power bar, and allow the wind and momentum launch you high in the air. Just about anything could happen. You’ve got no idea how high you’ll go. At times, you catch a strong gust just like you launch from the lip of the wave, and this kicks you really at high level that you wonder if the Gods will ever allow you to float back into the earth.


Kite surfing at Muizenberg beach is a slightly different encounter. Right here, the wind thumps straight onshore, and that means you are kiting parallel to the beach. This offers you this kind of immense sense of speed while you soar through half a foot of water across the entire cape flats while children around the beach wave and then try to high five you while you zing past just like some sort of spectacular super hero that has perfected the forces of the wind.


Possibly the most gnarly (and risky) kiting area on the western Cape is Witsands close to Misty Cliffs, around the Atlantic side of the peninsula. Right here, the wind pounds to a tiny bay which gets a few large swells which roll in fresh from the freezing Atlantic. It is a dangerous place simply because in case you move too far away and drop your kite, you may bob around the point and drift into open ocean never ever to appear again. However this should not stop you from launching your kite here and getting a few spectacular wave rides into the bay.


Langebaan is the spot of the newbie kite surfer. Much softer winds sweep along the shallow Langebaan lagoon, allowing for a few very relaxed kite surfing – perfect for learners. You’ll be able to stand up in many regions of Shark Bay, a quiet Lagoon close to the town. In case you fall flat on the bay, it is not a problem and trainers are available to assist you relaunch the kite. In specific days, the wind can definitely pick up across the lagoon, so if your time is just right, you could charge around crisp, flat water for kilometers on end.

Breede River

The small cove in the mouth of the great Breede River, around the Witsands side, is among the least renowned and best places to kitesurf throughout South Africa. While the wind pours around the mouth of this estuary, it gets to the sand bank which flattens the water right into a perfect sheet, creating spectacular runs along the mouth of the river. This is just like boarding in glass, having the roar of the sea flowing in over the estuary. Breede is a long way away from the congested places near Cape Town, and most of the time, you’ve got the entire estuary on your own.